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PC Upgrade & Repair services

Workshop services to give a new lease of life to your existing computers..

U-Bute IT Solutions provides computer hardware and software upgrade and repair services to home users as well as businesses across the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. Our technicians are highly qualified and experienced to work with brands like HP, ACER, ASUS, Toshiba, Dell, Lenovo and Apple.

Our technicians are experienced in dealing with a wide range of technical issues whether these are related to hardware such as HDDs, RAMs, Graphic Cards or software such as device drivers, Wi-Fi etc.

Upgrade & Repair services we provide

We provide services to upgrade/repair hardware, install software for new systems, upgrade Windows, scan and clean virus/malware/spyware, fix internet connectivity issues, replace damaged/broken screens, setup Emails and many more.

We are confident that our technicians will be able to help you in finding & fixing a computer issue whether it has been caused by a hardware failure or a recent software update. We don't ask you to pay if we are unable to provide a solution to your computer problems.

Harddrive or RAM Upgrade

Hardware Installation or Repair

Has the computer or laptop stopped working? Is the computer running very slow? It could be a faulty RAM or Hard Drive. We can replace it and help in transferring the data where possible.

Harddrive or RAM Upgrade

Operating System Installation or Repair

A damaged Operating System will seriously impact on the performance and can cause the computer to stop functioning properly. We can repair or re-install the operating system.

Harddrive or RAM Upgrade

Data Backup & Transfer

Is your computer playing up, causing a potential loss of important documents, photos, movies etc.? Do you want to keep a backup copy of your important information on a separate storage? We can help you in transferring your data to an external storage drive. Or we can help in setting up local / cloud system to backup your data regularly.

Is your data on a drive not readable or accessible? We can help you in recovering the data and transfer it to another storage drive.

Harddrive or RAM Upgrade

Virus & Spyware Removal

Is your PC running very slow or randomly opening websites without your active input or sending out un-solicited emails to your contacts? This could be as a result of virus / spyware / malware on your computer. Spyware, most commonly known as "virus", are malicious software that may have got installed on your PC without your knowledge. We can scan your PC and remove any virus.

We can install new anti-virus software to prevent any further virus attacks.

Harddrive or RAM Upgrade

Harddrive or RAM upgrade

Is the PC running very slow? Do you need more RAM or faster harddrive to run software such as Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD or other graphic design applications?

We can upgrade harddrives to SSDs or increase RAM to run these applications smoothly.

Harddrive or RAM Upgrade

Gaming Graphics Card upgrade

Is your PC running slow when playing games? Has a new software version been released for your favourite game, requiring an upgraded graphics card?

We can recommend and upgrade hardware to match the software vendors minimum requirements.

Harddrive or RAM Upgrade

Application Software Install & Setup

Do you need to use Microsoft Word for writing documents, or Microsoft Excel for keeping your expense records, or Powerpoint for preparing an office / school presentation?

Talk to us; we can help you install and setup these and almost any other application.

Harddrive or RAM Upgrade

Damaged Laptop Screen or Keyboard

Laptop Screen broken or damaged? Do you see horizontal or vertical coloured lines on the screen? We can replace screens for most of the laptop models whether these are non-touch or touch enabled.

We can fix Keyboards damaged from accidental water, coffee, tea spill.

Harddrive or RAM Upgrade

Ofifce365 or Google G-Suite Emails

Migrate or host your emails with Microsoft Office365 or Google G-Suite cloud exchange? We can help in setting up an online exchange with user accounts and emails on all your computers and devices.

Harddrive or RAM Upgrade

Outlook Mail or Apple mail Setup

Emails are ubiquitous and one of the most widely used form of communication, whether personal, official or government. We can install & setup Outlook Mail or Apple mail on computers.

Harddrive or RAM Upgrade

MacOS upgrades

MacOS is not upgrading correctly to the latest version? We can help by repairing the operating system or by re-installing the correct version.

Harddrive or RAM Upgrade

Emails on mobile devices

Do you want to access and read your emails on the go? Don't worry, we can help you in setting these up on your mobile devices.

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